Halló from Ísland!

I’m Sandra, your personal travel planner at Private Iceland Tour, and I’m thrilled to see you have taken an interest in visiting our magnificent little country.

Sandra Iceland Travel Planner

As you may have guessed, I’m a proud Icelander and absolutely in love with my homeland’s stunning and diverse landscape. Indeed, this passion and love for my country are exactly what inspires me when creating travel experiences for our guests at Private Iceland Tour.

My local insider knowledge of the country, from the bubbling hot springs to the majestic glaciers and our unique culture and customs, ensures that my clients never experience a dull moment on their vacation.

Growing up in Iceland, I spent every summer outside in nature, exploring all that the land had to offer. Some of my fondest memories are from camping in the wilds of the Icelandic Highlands in my dad’s trusty jeep.

One of my absolute favorite things about Iceland is the spectacular Northern Lights, and I feel truly privileged to have grown up in the best country to witness their elegant, magical, and effervescent dance. Naturally, my experience Northern Lights hunting means I am able to suggest the best spots and locations to include in your itinerary for you to enjoy your own Aurora Borealis experience.

My experience in tourism actually started further afield when I moved to another wild and naturally beautiful country to study Travel and Tourism in Scotland. I spent several years working for small travel companies before landing a job in the Director’s Office at a major international Travel Agents. When I became a mother, I took a few years off to focus on my family, but now I’m back, and I’m more passionate than ever about sharing the wonders of Iceland with others.

Iceland is a special place, and I want to help you experience it in all its glory. Whether you want to hike a glacier, soak in a hot spring, or witness the northern lights for yourself, I’m here to make it happen. So let’s grab our Viking horns and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Sandra Ögn Agnarsdóttir